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Real life Anders by fOnat Real life Anders by fOnat
Keeps surprising me how much in common have Andreas Breivik and Anders from DA2. Both were preparing their attacks 10 years. Both had a manifesto. Even they names and looks are similar.
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Breivik is a great hero !
Fooled-Trooper Featured By Owner May 16, 2012
You call Breivik´s fear of Islam baseless...You should know it better as an American. I say such things as an German-Turk. Knowing

that some religions give the right to kill for the greater good. But that doesn´t mean that it is wrong for them. They have a

different view on everything. That is why I call Muslim Terrorists the real muslims because they do it like it is written in their

book. The West has to deal with it and also deal with those which will eventually target groups that would help others to conquer

and destroy others.

Yes, Breivik is a killer and he might have to go to jail for his life time but that would make the assassins of Hitler also Murders

if they did it. Even in Germany´s dark time it would have been lawfull to inprison murders like today.

And no one had a problem to fight the Volkssturm or young Nazisoldiers in WWII. Even without weapons in your hand you can use the

skill of speech to kill or give orders to kill.

Children are always the future of an ideological group. To target them is brutal and inhuman but at the end others do it to win the


I hope you understand me even with my bad english but for some groups the ethnic war has begun. Like Breivik there is an other side

that kills since 2001 and will not stop. To deny that would be wrong. Breivik was never asked to fight evil. He did it because no

one did it openly before.

It is always the time and the question who will win. If Hitler or Stalin would have won their actions against jews or other groups

they would have been called heroic and the only way of saving mankind.

It is always the winner or the operation Ideological system which can say what is right or wrong.

Most turkish nationalists can understand Breivik because the change through multiculturalism is not natural but artifical and


You will ask yourself why only muslims. Because they have the orders from God himself. You can tolerate their agenda which is godly

and not be questioned by logic. You can wait and die or you choose Islam and convert.

Even if it is only a small group that thinks that those things must be done. If the time is right everyone will join. The Crusades

also startet like that. There was no order by God or his Son himself that would allow a Crusade. But for gold and a place in

paradies and more gold you would have done it too in this time of era.

If you dont mind we can continue this discussion in private!
DiamondUnicorn Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011
Coincidences mean nothing. Looking deeper into the motivations of Breivik and Anders, their overall goals aren't alike. Anders was a victim of a corrupt institution that has legitimately been oppressing his people for a thousand years. He was bereaved and guilt ridden with what he did, and had a voice in his head pressing him into the actions he took.

Breivik's fears were baseless and spawned from irrational xenophobia.

Anders also targeted the symbol of his oppression. Breivik... targeted children.

And as said earlier. This is insulting and belittling to Brevik's victims and their families making a joke of his actions.
TheLostGirl21 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011
Sure! Except Breivik saw himself as a modern day Knight Templar (Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici) doing God's work by stopping his country from falling to the evils of Islam.

So the motivations behind his actions have absolutely nothing in common with Anders the fictional videogame character (DA2 Anders was fighting against religious extremists under a totalitarian regime; not FOR religious extremists in a democratic country).

Sadly, had Breivik been named Ludovik, or any other name, the parallel would never have been drawn to begin with.
MilkFoot Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
He followed his heart, he followed his dreams. He lived the life he wanted to live. Its a fuckload better than sitting in an office everyday and dying feeling dissatisfied.

Yeah, he killed people and damaged families and lives- but he's lived his dreams, and that's really something.
mazo0o Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012
SO you think what he have done was right!? if thats how you think than your one like him!
MilkFoot Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No grammar, no reply.
Elywen Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
This is really getting old and seems like a slight against those who lost people in that attack. People can draw lines in anything if they want, and this is just getting distasteful.
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